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Quilt stitches hold quilts together and should be the same length on both sides of the quilt and be evenly spaced. Quilt stitches are distinguished from regular stitching by the fact that quilt stitches hold the layers of fabric and insulation together.


Machine quilting patterns include straight line, free-motion loops, shadow quilting and stitch in the ditch. Each of these patterns allows a quilter to use basic stitches and techniques to finish a quilt and express quilting creativity.


Quilt binding tips include trimming the lining even with the top and keeping the quilt corners at 90-degree angles. Another quilt binding tip is to cut binding strips on crosswise fabric grain so they measure 2 1/2 inches wide.


To bind a quilt, sew the binding fabric along the edge of the quilt with the right sides facing together. When the entire quilt is surrounded, fold the binding over the edge, and then press the seam and hand-stitch the other side of the binding onto the quilt.


World’s Fastest Rail Fence Quilt pattern, Strawberry Seas Baby Strip Quilt pattern, Skinny Strips Quilt pattern and Simply Woven Quilt pattern are some patterns for strip quilts. The World’s Fastest Rail Fence Quilt pattern consists of square blocks sewn from strips that can be twisted in a number o


Rag quilt patterns from Jo-Ann Fabrics can be found on Jo-Ann.com, as of November 2015. Patterns include the Patriotic Rag Picnic Blanket, Homespun Ragged Quilt and Fleece Rag Square Quilt. All three patterns are available for free on the website and include directions, photos and supplies lists.


Three common hand-quilting stitches are the basting stitch, running stitch and appliqué stitch. Basting stitches are loose, temporary stitches that keep the layers of fabric in place while a project is quilted. To create a basting stitch, thread a needle, and tie a knot at one end. Insert the needle


Moda's quilting fabric designs include geometric, floral, abstract and seasonal designs, as well as whimsical designs such as those found in the Airmail and Funky Monkey collections. Airmail designs include Sky Love Above and P.O. Box Happy Mail, each featuring red, sky blue or white backgrounds wit


Crazy quilts are unique creations that are usually not based on a particular pattern, although some quilters sketch design plans on paper to use as a pattern. Several websites explain how to make a crazy quilt block, including DIY Network, Interweave Store, The Caron Collection and Needlework Tips a


The story behind quilt patterns depends on the quilt, but many were developed for either utilitarian or aesthetic reasons. Some patterns had symbolic meanings as well and often represented major themes in the developers' lives.