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One of the simplest and most popular ways to make calls from a PC for free is Google Voice. This service is free for Google users and can be used to make domestic calls within the United States and Canada for free as well as international calls at low rates. Navigate to google.com/voice. If prompted


One of the best ways to make calls to phones from a PC is to use Google Voice. Some other services that allow users to make phone calls from their PCs are Rebtel, Skype, and Nimbuzz.


To make calls for free from your PC to a mobile device, visit IEvaphone.com or Call2Friends.com. IEvaphone.com allows users to make calls worldwide for free, while Call2Friends.com is limited to nationwide calls.


Some drawing programs for the PC include Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, SketchBook Pro and Adobe Photoshop, as of 2015. Each program offers different functionality and tools ideal for different art styles and purposes, ranging from simple painting to complex image creation for both print and Web viewing.


To transfer pictures from your phone to a computer, use a USB cable to connect the devices, and move the pictures to a desired folder on the computer by using the drag-and-drop function. Alternatively, attach the pictures to an email message, send it to your own email address, access the message on


Impulse Technology and Phone Dialer Pro sell PC dialer software. Dialers by Impulse Technology are single-user platforms that are ideal as home telephone options. Phone Dialer Pro features dialer software for both single-user and call center formats.


Revo Uninstaller, IOBit Uninstaller and Geek Uninstaller are three free programs that uninstall software from PCs. These programs operate by scanning and removing any files and settings on a PC that are related to a particular program, plug-in or other piece of software.


Some free PC diagnostic software downloads include Advanced SystemCare Free, Wise Registry Cleaner, Mz Ram Booster, Free Window Registry Repair and Toolwiz Care. The top download available at CNET.com as of 2015 is Advanced SystemCare Free, with over 100 million downloads.


To transfer pictures from your phone to your computer, remove the storage media from your phone or plug the phone in to your computer, copy the image files, and paste them to the directory where you want to store them. The process varies between different phone models and depends on what storage met


The specific methods for using call recording software vary between programs, though most involve launching a the application before beginning the voice call on your computer and clicking the Record button to capture the audio. Some VoIP programs also include built-in features for recording the call