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Philip Morris International won't do a stock split simply because its stock has moved into triple digits. It will likely take a much bigger move for the tobacco giant to consider splitting its shares.


Altria Group (MO) has 5 splits in our Altria Group stock split history database. The first split for MO took place on June 03, 1974. This was a 2 for 1 split, meaning for each share of MO owned pre-split, the shareholder now owned 2 shares.


(Click to enlarge) Philip Morris has been on a tear lately along with the rest of the market and the stock reached a new 52 week high of $90.63 on Friday, April 27th 2012.


This chart will give you a good visual overview of Philip Morris, Altria, and Kraft stock splits,name changes,mergers and spin-offs. Also included are spin-offs of Ralcorp, Mondelez, and Post Holdings. Here is a flowchart to help you determine Phillip Morris,Altria, and Kraft cost basis.


Philip Morris International (PM) has 0 splits in our Philip Morris International stock split history database.. Looking at the Philip Morris International stock split history from start to finish, an original position size of 1000 shares would have turned into 1000 today.


Altria's history of stock splits extends back for decades, giving investors a good idea of when the company decides that a split is appropriate. In the early 1970s, the tobacco giant then known as ...


Altria Group is the parent company of Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, John Middleton, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and Philip Morris Capital Corporation. Their tobacco company brand portfolios consist of successful and well-known brand names such as Marlboro, Copenhagen, Skoal and Black & Mild.


(stock symbol PM) was received for each share of Altria (stock symbol MO). The allocation of your original basis in Altria to account for this distribution is as follows: Philip Morris Intl 69.5% Altria 30.5% Your purchase date for Philip Morris International is the date you acquired your Altria shares.


A PM split history review and split-adjusted CAGR. About Philip Morris International: Philip Morris International, through its subsidiaries, is an international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes, smoke-free products and associated electronic devices and accessories, and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside the U.S. Co.'s portfolio comprises both...


Stock split history for Philip Morris since 2008. Prices shown are actual historical values and are not adjusted for either splits or dividends. Please see the "Historical Prices" tab for adjusted price values.