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Phenomenology is the philosophical study of experiences from the subjective, or first-person, point of view. The term is often restricted to sensory information in the philosophy of the mind, but takes on a much broader scope, including intentionality, perceived signifi...


Phenomenology is the study of the connection between human awareness and social action. It is based on the underlying belief that society is created by humans.


Currently a lifetime membership is not available from the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP). However, they do offer a variety of yearly memberships.


Oxidation reactions occur when the reactant loses electrons and may involve the addition of oxygen or the loss of hydrogen, while reduction reactions occur when the reactant gains electrons and may involve the loss of oxygen or the addition of hydrogen. In oxidation, th...


Write a letter requesting sentence reduction using business letter formatting to maintain a professional appearance. Include an appropriate greeting to the judge, and explain why the sentence should be reduced.


Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs work by teaching individuals to focus the entire attention on the body and to focus on thoughts but not judge them. These programs also teach yogic breathing and stretching exercises to help strengthen and relax muscles, says ...


A reduction in bird populations leads to more plant damage from insect consumption and more diseases spread to humans, according to a study published in 2004 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study predicted 10 percent of all bird species will ...