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The pH of Coke products ranges from 2.5 to 4.2. The most acidic Coke product is Coke Classic, which has a pH of 2.5. These beverages contain phosphoric acid, an additive used to enhance the flavor of soft drinks.


Diet Coke is not necessarily more harmful than any other soft drink, but it does not provide the kind of benefits that many people believe it possesses. Some individuals drink diet beverages with the hopes of cutting calories to lose weight, but many studies show no correlation between drinking diet


Diet soda does not directly contribute to weight gain, but it may alter the body's ability to judge calorie content. This can lead to overeating of high-calorie foods, which causes weight gain. Most experts, however, do not believe that there is conclusive evidence to support this theory.


The main ingredients in Diet Coke are carbonated water, caramel color and aspartame. The beverage also contains phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate, natural flavors, citric acid and caffeine.


A 12-ounce can of Diet Coke contains no sugar. The sweetener used in Diet Coke is aspartame, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Aspartame is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.


Diet Coke has 45 milligrams of caffeine in a 12 oz can. Diet coke has a higher percentage of caffeine than a can of regular Coca Cola, which only has 32 milligrams of caffeine.


An average 1.5-ounce shot of vodka contains between 100 and 125 calories, depending on the alcohol concentration and brand, while Diet Coke adds approximately one calorie per 8 fluid ounces. The number of calories in a vodka and Diet Coke varies depending on the type and amount of vodka used to make


A Coke can holds 12 fluid ounces or 355 milliliters. A can's dimensions are 4.83 inches high, 2.13 inches in diameter at the narrowed top and 2.60 inches throughout the rest of a cylindrical can.


The pH of pure water at 25 degrees Celsius is very close to 7. This pH value indicates that water is neutral, meaning that it is neither acidic nor basic. Acids have pH values lower than 7, and bases have pH values higher than 7.


Diet Coke lasts for six to nine months past its printed date in the pantry if unopened. The soft drink lasts for the same amount of time if refrigerated and unopened.