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Pfister offers one-handle faucets for both the kitchen and the bathroom, such as the Brea Bath Faucet and the Lita Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, as of 2015. Both of these faucets are available in multiple finishes and are configured for use with one- or three-holed sinks.


Pfister replacement parts are available at big-box retail stores, such as The Home Depot and Lowes. A nationwide network of plumbing retailers and hardware stores, such as Ace Hardware, also sells Pfister products, including replacement parts. Pfister products and replacement parts are available thr


To remove the handle on a Price Pfister faucet, you need a flat bladed screwdriver, a hex wrench and a towel. Turn off the water supply, close the stopper in the drain, find if the screw is located in the body of the faucet or on the underside of the faucet, remove the screw, and then lift the fauce


To replace a Pfister cartridge, start by turning off the water supply and opening the faucet to drain out any remaining water. Remove the handle, valve adapter and cartridge. Slot in the new cartridge, and tighten it with pliers.


Old Price Pfister faucet parts or "will fit" parts that may or may not be made by the original manufacturer but will function and fit as intended are readily available from the manufacturer's website, PfisterFaucets.com, or from plumbing supply websites such as PlumbingSupply.com. When ordering a pa


Common problems with Pfister faucets according to customer reviews on the Home Depot website include low water pressure, leaks, broken components and malfunctioning of the faucet. Customers also complain that the shiny finish shown on the website did not match the actual finish, and that some parts


As of 2015, Pfister Faucets does not have a print catalog available for customers to order. Customers interested in the wholesale catalog can download it from the Pfister Faucets company website. Customers interested in retail products can search for them on the website and subscribe to the email ne


To replace a shower head, turn off the water, remove the old shower head, and install the new shower head after cleaning the pipe and applying thread seal tape. Performing this task requires a new shower head, a few soft rags, paper towels, a wrench, thread seal tape and a sturdy stool. The process


Shower door parts that typically need replacing include rollers, bumpers and catches. These may be replaced if damaged or to increase the door’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.


To replace a shower faucet, remove the faucet handles, escutcheons and faucet posts, insert new faucet posts into the old plumbing, mount new escutcheons, screw in the new faucet handles, attach new trim caps onto the handles, and turn on the water. Disconnect the water before beginning.