A prayer of petition is a prayer that includes personal needs and the needs of others. Prayers are a form of communication with God. Prayers of petition are also known as prayers of supplication. Prayers of petition inte... More »

The Prayer of the Faithful, which is also known as the Universal Prayer, General Intercession or Bidding Prayer, is a series of intentions offered by the church for a number of different petitions. These include prayers ... More »

People of different religions offer prayers in different physical postures and different voices, including singing, chanting, speaking in a normal tone or praying silently. Some people say formal prayers that have been p... More »

Christians use prayer to praise God, to bless and adore him, to thank him for his gifts, to petition him for both bodily and spiritual needs, and to intercede for others. Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians use prayer... More »

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The Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research claims to have the original prayer used by the Apostles and their successors for deacon ordination, which begins, "Hear, o Lord, our petition and send down on this your maid... More »

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While there is no best prayer, some Christian prayers have gained far more popularity than others. Many of the most widely used Christian prayers come from Bible passages, such as the popular Lord's Prayer, which comes f... More »

A prayer warrior is a Christian, usually of an evangelical denomination, who dedicates himself to praying for others. The term comes from the idea of spiritual warfare and prayer as a figurative weapon against Satanic fo... More »