Non-poisonous jellyfish, such as Moon jellyfish and Blue Blubber jellyfish, are widely available and appropriate as pets for children. Pet jellyfish for kids require a special aquarium and fish-specific diets. More »

In states where it's legal, the best way to purchase a monkey is to find a reputable breeder. A number of online resources can help find breeders or others who may have monkeys for sale. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Monkeys provides a list of pets for sale and adoption in its Pets section. provides a directory of adoptable pets at animal shelters and rescues, as of 2015. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Moon jellyfish primarily eat planktonic crustaceans, but they also eat other small plankton including molluscs, fish eggs and smaller jellyfish. They catch their food with sticky mucus that lines the underside of their b... More »

One interesting fact about jellyfish for kids is that crystal jellyfish contain a protein that is used in the medical industry to block certain viruses, notes Another is that both people and other jellyf... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Jellyfish

Many species of jellyfish are transparent or partially transparent. The bell-shaped body of the jellyfish is filled with a gelatinous substance that is mostly water. With no skeleton and few specialized internal organs, ... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Jellyfish

Jellyfish eat their prey by first paralyzing them by stinging them, and then drawing the prey in through the mouth, which is a hole in the middle of the jellyfish's body, reports National Geographic. When the jellyfish h... More »