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To remove pests from your home, identify the type of pest problem you have and use the appropriate products for that type of pest. Rats require poisons or traps, while roaches and ants require sprays, foggers or bait traps. Fleas require professional sprays, as well as ...


Cleaning the gutters, hanging rosemary bouquets, using the right spray, and cleaning the trash can helps get rid of pests in the home. Fixing leaks, sprinkling cinnamon, using natural insecticides, and using insect barriers also assist in getting rid of pests.


Tips for home garden pest control include removing weak plants, cleaning up garden debris, mixing plant types, repelling pests with plants or other insects, and building healthy soil. Damp, dark conditions, weak plants and garden debris attract pests that then attack th...


Pest Offense is a pest control product that is environmentally safe. The product can effectively get rid of mice, rats and roaches, according to the Pest Offense website.


Natural pest control methods include maintaining a clean and dry environment, utilizing jar and pheromone traps, and spraying insects with a soap-and-water mixture. Other non-toxic ways of dealing with pests include using crushed mint or teabags to deter ants and placin...


To keep pests at bay, the Natural Resources Defense Council says that the individual should keep the living space clean and dry. This includes wiping up spills, washing dishes, taking out the trash, keeping food containers tightly sealed, and sweeping and vacuuming floo...


Ants, aphids, caterpillars, birds, deer, gophers and mealy bugs are common vegetable garden pests. Scales, mice, stink bugs, slugs and snails are additional pests that are known to bother vegetable plants.