Plan B can be found behind the pharmacy counter or on the shelf at most grocery and drug stores. Plan B can be obtained without a prescription, and anyone regardless of age or sex can purchase it. More » Health Women's Health Birth Control

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Plan B One-Step, the latest version of the drug as of 2014, is 95 percent effective if taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex, explains WebMD. The Plan B One-Step official website claims that the pill prevents pregnanc... More »

Although the Plan B pill can affect the timing of the next period after its use, it should not stop menstruation once it has started. This pill can cause menstrual flow issues at the next period after its use, states Web... More »

Plan B can make the patient's next period a few days early or late, according to WebMD. In addition, some women experience unexpected bleeding, and some may notice a difference in their period's flow. More » Health Women's Health Birth Control

According to TeenHealthFX, condoms are available for purchase near the pharmacy counter of grocery and drug stores. Many vending machines in public men’s restrooms supply them. In addition, Columbia University points out... More » Health Women's Health Birth Control