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White Persian kittens may be available from breeders registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association. Kittens may also be available through animal rescue groups such as Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue.


Persian kittens are a long-haired breed of cat that was first discovered in the Middle East in the 1600s. They were officially recognized as a breed by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1914. Persians are the most popular pedigree cat breed in the United States, as of 2015.


A person that wants to find Persian kittens for free should look at newspaper ads, the Internet and ask around their neighborhood to find out if anyone has kittens that they want to rehome for free. However, the Persian cat breed is an expensive breed and kittens are usually not given away for free.


Persian kittens are available for sale on several websites, including Dollfacepersiankittens.com, Buffalocreekfarms.net and Pets4you.com. These sites provide Persian kittens of different ages and gives the buyer valuable information regarding the purchase and care of these cats.


Persian kittens in Pennsylvania are available at BiscayneCat.com and SundancerPersians.com. The Biscayne Cattery is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its website, BiscayneCat.com, offers Persian kittens for sale with a right of refusal.


Some good online resources for locating free Persian kittens are KittensForAdoption.us and AdoptaPet.com. Both of these websites offer searchable listings of Persian kittens, some of which are available for free. Other useful resources include area animal shelters and checking the classified ads in


Persian cats and kittens often can be adopted from municipal shelters or all-breed cat rescues. They can also be adopted from specialty Persian cat rescue organizations, although these may not be available in all areas.


Long-haired Persian kittens are known for their unique, flowing coats that require daily grooming, as well as for their gentle personalities and easy-going dispositions. Persian kittens are a quiet breed that doesn't vocalize often, and they prefer lounging to more athletic activities. Other charact


The best way to find kittens for sale depends on what kind of kitten the buyer wants, but the best resources are breeder listings for specific cat breeds on the Cat Fancier's website or photo listings of available cats from shelters and rescue groups across the United States on Petfinder. There are


A teacup Persian kitten is a miniature version of the standard Persian cat. Teacup Persian cats generally weigh 5 pounds or less as adults, while standard Persians weigh 12 pounds or more.