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Horizontal lifelines offer the most flexibility with respect to function vs cost parameter. The flexibility of installation and low profile nature of cable make it suitable for most applications where available fall clearance and structural capacity permits. Our WRS Cable Span OH systems are installed overhead, and offer longer spans between intermediate points, particularly important […]


Evolution™ Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Systems offer multiple users the ability to be fully protected, working hands-free, bypassing intermediate bracket points without unhooking from the lifeline. Permanent vs. Portable Horizontal Lifelines Systems are classified as permanent or portable. Portable systems must be easy to install and remove.


Horizontal Lifeline Systems can be used as a travel restraint or a fall arrest system. Either system can be engineered for single or multiple workers. Energy absorbing components are integral and critical elements of a horizontal life line system. They ensure that the loads created during a fall arrest event are manageable and not catastrophic.


Horizontal Lifelines Can Be Temporary or Permanent. A Horizontal Lifeline Protects Employees Above Or On Top of An Area or Equipment. Horizontal lifelines as personal fall arrest systems, also referred to as HLLs, protect workers on elevated work surfaces, such as rooftops, chemical vats, bridge trusses, pipe racks, crane runways, or steel girders on the upper floors of buildings during ...


The patented Unitensioner® device is the heart of Gemtor’s Temporary or Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Systems and takes the guesswork out of setting up a horizontal lifeline. The Unitensioner® is easy to use and performs the following functions: Allows the user to tighten/stretch the lifeline, helps maintain desired tension by preventing ...


Horizontal lifelines are more than a mere line connected between 2+ anchors, it is a secure attachment point for users working across a large horizontal surface. These systems are used to protect workers operating in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable anchorage points.


DBI SALA Roofsafe Lo-Profile Rail (part of the 3M horizontal lifeline product line) provides maximum fall protection with a unique, permanent system for telescoping jet bridges. This system permanently attaches and allows the jet bridge to expand and collapse with no need to remove.


The Thaler EASY SLIDER Horizontal Lifeline System conforms to: Canadian 1. National Standards of Canada A. CAN/CSA-Z91-02 (Health and Safety Code for Suspended Equipment Operations). B. CAN/CSA- Z259.13-04 (Flexible Horizontal Lifeline Systems). C. CAN/CSA-Z271-98 (Safety Code for Suspended Elevating Platforms).


Horizontal Lifeline System Components -Types of Systems Road & Bridge systems use components that were developed to meet the standard requirements ... permanent or temporary Reliance horizontal life-line. With the ability to ‘tune’ our lifeline sys-tems, Reliance can accommodate clearance and ...


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