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LifeSpring – Permanent or Temporary Single-cable Horizontal Lifeline System Description: Provides an economical solution as all components can be installed using common tools and the system can be used both in a temporary environment or can be installed permanently.


Horizontal Lifelines Can Be Temporary or Permanent. A Horizontal Lifeline Protects Employees Above Or On Top of An Area or Equipment. Horizontal lifelines as personal fall arrest systems, also referred to as HLLs, protect workers on elevated work surfaces, such as rooftops, chemical vats, bridge trusses, pipe racks, crane runways, or steel girders on the upper floors of buildings during ...


Horizontal Lifeline Specifications. Permanent Horizontal Lifelines (HLL) are continuous fall protection systems that protect workers over a large area. In their most basic form, an HLL is a wire rope connected at each end to a single point anchor. Their simplicity is deceiving, because their design can be complex.


Xenon Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System Written on August 23, 2018 at 9:36 AM, by Danielle Thomas The Xenon Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System is custom engineered and designed to be used if the application requires the lifeline to be positioned overhead beyond the user’s reach.


Flexible Lifeline Systems’ scope of work included the design, supply, and installation of four Horizontal Lifeline systems. Two systems were positioned on Roof A and two systems on Roof B starting from the hatch and running the parameter of the rooftoop. View Case Study


Horizontal lifelines offer the most flexibility with respect to function vs cost parameter. The flexibility of installation and low profile nature of cable make it suitable for most applications where available fall clearance and structural capacity permits. Our WRS Cable Span OH systems are installed overhead, and offer longer spans between intermediate points, particularly important […]


Horizontal lifelines are more than a mere line connected between 2+ anchors, it is a secure attachment point for users working across a large horizontal surface. These systems are used to protect workers operating in the horizontal plane who may not have continuous access to suitable anchorage points.


DBI SALA Roofsafe Lo-Profile Rail (part of the 3M horizontal lifeline product line) provides maximum fall protection with a unique, permanent system for telescoping jet bridges. This system permanently attaches and allows the jet bridge to expand and collapse with no need to remove.


On any horizontal lifeline that may become a vertical lifeline, the device used to connect to the horizontal lifeline is capable of locking in both directions on the lifeline. 1910.140(d)(2)(ii) Personal fall arrest systems are rigged in such a manner that the employee cannot free fall more than 6 feet (1.8 m) or contact a lower level.


The Thaler EASY SLIDER Horizontal Lifeline System conforms to: Canadian 1. National Standards of Canada A. CAN/CSA-Z91-02 (Health and Safety Code for Suspended Equipment Operations). B. CAN/CSA- Z259.13-04 (Flexible Horizontal Lifeline Systems). C. CAN/CSA-Z271-98 (Safety Code for Suspended Elevating Platforms).