If the perm has left the curls too tight, the curls need to be conditioned with a heavy conditioning treatment that is rich in moisture. Weighing down the curls helps stretch them out so that they are not as tight. When ... More »

Some hairstyles with a spiral perm include the short spiral perm hairstyle, the red spiral perm hairstyle, the spiral perm hairstyle with a bow, the long golden spiral perm hairstyle and black spiral perm hairstyle. Spir... More »

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For a perm that results in soft, flowing curls, opt for a body perm, plain curl perm, or volumizing perm. A body perm results in the addition of voluminous waves and large curls from the root of the hair to the tip. The ... More »

The easiest way to fix a bad perm at home is by loosening the curls using combinations of shampoo, oil and conditioner. This will not completely rid the hair of the perm but will help make the curls less intense. More »

Use canola oil to fix a bad perm because it loosens tight curls. You need canola oil, a plastic wrap, a mild shampoo, a deep conditioner, a towel and a blow dryer for this method to work properly. Multiple applications t... More »

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Hairdressers recommend waiting for 48 hours before washing permed hair to avoid loosening the curls, which results in less curly and weaker hair. Tying or brushing newly permed hair within the stated waiting time is also... More »

The difference between a perm and a relaxer lies in the intended outcome and the procedure used to achieve it: a perm introduces curls and ringlets, but a relaxer is applied to eliminate natural waves and coils. However,... More »