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A "who are you?" quiz is an online test that asks you questions about yourself and gives you answers about your personality, your interests, your work style, your compatibility with others, and other aspects about you.


An AZ quiz is an Accelerated Reader quiz created by Renaissance Learning, Inc. The purpose of the Accelerated Reader quiz is to determine students' reading levels, to evaluate whether students have read a particular book and to suggest age-appropriate book titles for students.


The periodic table got its name from the way the elements are arranged in rows, which are called periods. The columns of the table are called groups, some of which have specific names, such as the noble gases and the halogens.


While there are several different "best friend" quizzes around, the common theme is figuring out how close you and your best friend really are. The quizzes range from serious to silly, and can be found on various websites such as BuzzFeed.com and Seventeen.com.


The "How Will I Die" quiz is an online quiz provided by GoToQuiz that attempts to predict how the user will die in the future. The quiz consists of 14 basic multiple-choice questions, including questions asking for personal information such as age, eye color and gender.


Past life quizzes claim to provide a description of who quiz-taker was in a past life. Most quizzes make this claim for entertainment purposes and produce past lives that include famous people from the past, as well as comedic descriptions of how people once lived.


The True Colors test is a personality indicator that identifies specific personality types as combinations of four colors: blue, green, orange and gold. Don Lowery created the test in the 1970s based on the work of Plato, Briggs, Jung and David Keirsey, expanding on the personality types outlined in


According to The 5 Love Languages site, the 5 Love Languages quiz is not a quiz, but rather an assessment meant to provide the taker with an analysis of their preferred method of emotional communication. The assessment consists of 30 paired questions designed to identify the taker's primary love lan


There are many different free quiz-making websites available as of 2015, such as Qzzr, Quizbean, Online Quiz Creator and Poll Maker. Sites such as Quizstar allow teachers to make quizzes for students.


The pregnancy quiz from babyMed asks potential mothers what type of birth control they are on, their age and how they calculate their ovulation. The test also asks if the woman is having regular menstrual cycles, if she has sex during fertile days and if she has nausea.