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One website that offers Bible quizzes and answers is Quiz.ChristiansUnite.com. This website offers its quizzes organized by categories such as Bible Characters, Jesus of Nazareth, Numbers in the Bible, Women in the Bible and The Early Church.


While the invention of the periodic table of elements is commonly attributed to Dmitri Mendeleev, the atomic weight sorting system was first conceptualized in 1862 by Alexandre-Emile Béguyer de Chancourtois. Despite releasing his table seven years before Mendeleev, Chancourtois' status as a geologis


Some good diversity quizzes are available online at PBS.org, EdChange.org and CastOnline.ILSTU.edu. The quizzes have multiple-choice questions and provide the answers. Topics covered include biological characteristics, cultural practices and societal views.


PrimaryGames.com and Quizzes.net are both websites that offer a variety of Christmas and Santa Claus themed quizzes. If you are interested in making your own quiz, the history of Santa Claus is filled with many interesting facts that make for good quiz questions.


As of 2015, periodic tables of the elements can be downloaded from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Science Geek and WebElements. All three offer downloads in PDF format.


About.com and Ptable.com provide periodic tables that include all element names. The website Periodictable.com also provides a periodic table with element names and a number of identifying pictures.


Group 6 does not have a unique name; it belongs to a larger family known as the transition metals. The transition metals include Groups 3 through 12 on the periodic table. Group 6 contains the elements chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and seaborgium.


Gender prediction quizzes are old wives tales that have no scientific basis and are not accurate but are fun to do, according to Family Education. The most popular quiz says that if a woman is carrying a baby high, the baby is a girl, and if she's carrying low, it's a boy.


Aura quizzes are questionnaires that determine individuals' auras by measuring and assessing their responses. According to proponents of aura quizzes, the quiz results reveal a tested individual's personality, life purpose, relationship style, ideal career and health, among other things.


Online pregnancy quizzes are accurate insofar as they inform patients as to the likelihood of pregnancy, usually by asking about symptoms. However, proof of pregnancy can only be determined by a pregnancy test, notes Mayo Clinic.