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The period of swing of a simple gravity pendulum depends on its length, the local strength of gravity, and to a small extent on the maximum angle that the pendulum swings away from vertical, θ 0, called the amplitude. It is independent of the mass of the bob. If the amplitude is limited to small swings, the period T of a simple pendulum, the time taken for a complete cycle, is:


Pendulum definition is - a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely to and fro under the action of gravity and commonly used to regulate movements (as of clockwork). How to use pendulum in a sentence.


In a simple pendulum, with its entire mass concentrated at the end of a string, the period depends on the distance of the mass from the pivot point.A physical pendulum's period is affected by the ...


The period of a simple pendulum for small amplitudes θ is dependent only on the pendulum length and gravity. For the physical pendulum with distributed mass, the distance from the point of support to the center of mass is the determining "length" and the period is affected by the distribution of mass as expressed in the moment of inertia I.


Simple pendulum definition, a hypothetical apparatus consisting of a point mass suspended from a weightless, frictionless thread whose length is constant, the motion of the body about the string being periodic and, if the angle of deviation from the original equilibrium position is small, representing simple harmonic motion (distinguished from physical pendulum).


The only things that affect the period of a simple pendulum are its length and the acceleration due to gravity. The period is completely independent of other factors, such as mass. As with simple harmonic oscillators, the period T for a pendulum is nearly independent of amplitude, especially if θ is less than about 15º. Even simple pendulum ...


The Period of a Pendulum. Our final discussion will pertain to the period of the pendulum. As discussed previously in this lesson, the period is the time it takes for a vibrating object to complete its cycle. In the case of pendulum, ...


Define pendulum. pendulum synonyms, pendulum pronunciation, pendulum translation, English dictionary definition of pendulum. n. 1. A body suspended from a fixed support so that it swings freely back and forth under the influence of gravity, commonly used to regulate various...

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Simple pendulum definition is - an ideal pendulum consisting of a point mass suspended by a weightless inextensible perfectly flexible thread and free to vibrate without friction —distinguished from physical pendulum.


Pendulum definition, a body so suspended from a fixed point as to move to and fro by the action of gravity and acquired momentum. See more. Pendulum | Definition of Pendulum at Dictionary.com