Perfect Flame grills are made by Lucas Innovation Inc., of China. The grills were imported to the United States by L G Sourcing, Inc., of North Wilkesboro, N.C. and were sold by the Lowes retail chain from 2005 through 2... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Infrared grills cook food using intense, radiant heat provided by a special element located between the gas-fueled flame and the cooking surface. The grill's flame heats the infrared element, which then emits radiant ene... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

As of September 2015, Lowe's online site notes that it does not stock any form of flame retardant spray. The store does sell various other fire retardant materials, such as insulation foam and resistant boarding. More »

The name "Costco" doesn't stand for anything, though for several years a rumor has been spread online that says it stands for "China Off Shore Trading Company." That rumor has been debunked several times. More »

Homer Laughlin is not based in China. According to the company's website, Homer it is a privately held company whose headquarters are located in Newell, West Virginia. More » Business & Finance Corporations

Apria manufactures its equipment in several countries, such as China and Switzerland, according to the manufacturer manuals available on Apria's website. Apria provides medical equipment for home use, according to their ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

United Airlines is partnered with 38 different airlines for its frequent flyer program, MileagePlus; some of the airlines include Air Canada, Air China, South African Airways and Tap Portugal. As of 2015, United Airlines... More » Business & Finance Corporations