Allow a pepino melon to ripen to the firmness of a plum, slice it in half with a knife and eat it with a spoon. The entire fruit, including skin and seeds, is edible, although tough skins are unpalatable. Preparing the f... More »

According to Fresh Food Central, honeydew melon is ripe when it is firm, but the skin still has a small amount of give when the surface is pressed. A melon is not yet ripe if it is completely firm. More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

A honeydew melon is ripe if it has a strong sweet smell at room temperature. Another way to determine if the melon ripe is by shaking the honeydew and listening for a rattling sound. If a rattling sound exists, then this... More »

Huckleberry, honeydew melon, huito and horned melon are fruits that start with the letter "H." Hawthorn trees also produce round fruits that resemble apples and are often referred to as "haws" or "hawthorn fruit." More »

Recipes that use bitter melon include bitter melon chips and bitter melon stir-fry. Bitter melon has a strong flavor, and it's common to eat the skin as well as the flesh. More » Food Cooking Fruit

A horned melon is eaten by slicing the melon open and scooping out the inside of the fruit. This is because the skin of the fruit can't be peeled. The inside of the fruit is filled with seeds, which can be scooped around... More » Food Cooking Fruit

Making a decorative watermelon basket requires cutting a portion off the bottom of the watermelon, drawing stencil marks on the melon shell and making precision cuts to form the decorative top. The handle of the watermel... More » Food Cooking Fruit