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A list of famous inventors from Archimedes to Tim Berners-Lee. 1001 Inventions That Changed the World at Amazon. A look into the numerous inventions we now take for granted by great inventors such as Archimedes, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, Alan Turing and Steve Jobs.


19 Things You Might Not Know Were Invented by Women. BY Amanda Green. March 15, 2018. iStock. Necessity isn't the only mother of invention. Though it wasn't always easy to get patents or the ...


English inventions and discoveries are objects, processes or techniques invented, innovated or discovered, partially or entirely, in England by a person from England (that is, someone born in England – including to non-English parents – or born abroad with at least one English parent and who had the majority of their education or career in England).


Well, of course a little kid invented the Popsicle. Who else even wants a stick of frozen juice? Adults have enough money to afford far superior desserts, like booze, or at least ice cream. But that's not the unexpected bit. This is: 11-year-old Frank Epperson invented the Popsicle back before people had freezers.


In 1809, she developed a way of weaving straw into hats that was an economic boon for New England. By receiving that piece of paper with her name on it, Kies led the way for other female inventors to take credit for their ideas. In this article, we'll salute 10 things invented by women.


"I need something to stop people sticking needles into me." Continue Reading Below. ... The world's most famous Roman emperor has a reputation for many things, but not really for having invented anything except a popular salad. Wikipedia Among his many achievements is not being the guy who murdered his mother or made a horse a senator.


20 Things The World Wouldn't Have If Black People Didn't Exist. So many things simply wouldn't exist. ... Lloyd P. Ray invented the tool that makes it so much easier to dispose of trash. He ...


List of inventions named after people. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for stand-alone lists. Please help to establish ...


Why It’s Important: Latimer is one of the greatest inventors of all time. Thomas Edison may have invented the electric light bulb, but Latimer helped make it a common feature in American households.


Top 10 Inventors of all Time. ... He invented models that proved workable 3-500 years later. 9. Galileo (1564–1642) Developed a powerful telescope and confirmed revolutionary theories about the nature of the world. Also developed an improved compass. ... People who made a difference; People who supported human rights;