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You may think that humans eating worms is reserved for reality television fare, but that is not necessarily so. The reality is that humans in almost 90 countries eat insects and worms. In the United States, most people would only consider eating worms as a survival tool when stranded in the great outdoors.


The most commonly eaten worms around the globe include agave worms, sago worms and mealworms. Most people describe these worms as nutty and creamy. One popular way people prepare these worms is by frying them just like you’d fry crickets or locusts. These common worms are eaten all throughout the world.


The tapeworm diet works by swallowing a pill that has a tapeworm egg inside. When the egg eventually hatches, the tapeworm will grow inside your body and eat whatever you’re eating.


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Parasitic worms in humans are often associated with travel, but you can also get them at home. These organisms live in and feed off a living host, like a human. They aren’t always visible to the ...


The Maori people of New Zealand eat earthworms; in the Fujian and Guangdong provinces of China, earthworms are a delicacy. If you're thinking — or, involuntarily, saying — "eww" right about ...


Years ago, Quinlisk volunteered for the Peace Corps and spent time in Nepal, where she would see people suffering from tapeworms they swallowed while eating undercooked, infested meat.


Deep fry worms with a simple bread coating. To deep fry a worm, boil them and let them cool like normal. Then whip up an egg in a cup (like you were about to make scrambled eggs) Add some salt and pepper, then dunk the worms in the egg wash.


How to Prepare and Eat Mealworms. Posted on January 30, 2013 by shanegenziuk 66 Comments. ... though maybe people who haven’t raised their own worms don’t care. Like Like. Reply. shanegenziuk says: March 3, 2020 at 7:57 pm Leave them in the freezer for only a few hours if you are having issues with the smell.