Electricity is a naturally occurring energy, and a physician named William Gilbert was the first to study it. Gilbert called electricity "electrica" in his famous writings on electricity and magnetism. Benjamin Franklin ... More »

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Although knowledge about the existence of electricity existed as early as 600 B.C., it was not until 1600 that William Gilbert published "De magnete, Magneticisique Corporibus," or "On the Magnet" and coined the term "el... More »

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Since electricity is a natural occurrence, no one actually invented it. Some people have the misconception that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, but in truth, he only connected the dots between electricity and l... More »

A power transformer is a device that consists of a coil wrapped around an electromagnet that transfers electricity from one circuit to another without changing the frequency of the electric energy. Although the frequency... More »

The main sources of electricity are fossil fuels, nuclear power and renewable energy. Electricity is a secondary source of energy derived from primary sources. More »

Water turbines produce electricity from kinetic energy by using the force of falling water to stimulate an electric generator. There are two types of water turbines: impulse turbines and reaction turbines. According to t... More »

According to National Geographic, electricity comes from energy sources such as fossil fuels, wind energy and hydroelectric power. Electricity is transported from a power station via power lines that carry electrical cur... More »