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Any other motor vehicle that was returned under any state’s lemon law may not be resold in Pennsylvania unless: (1) The manufacturer provides the same express warranty it provided to the original


Review a copy of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law. Pennsylvania Lemon Law ranked 34th in the country. The Center for Auto Safety has just completed a study of the lemon law in every state and the District of Columbia and has ranked each state based on the results. Pennsylvania tied for 34th out of 51. Click to review the Pennsylvania Lemon Law summary.


Here is a copy of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law. We have also written a summary of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law and it's requirements. To review a summary of the Pennsylvania Lemon Law click here. View the actual Pennsylvania Lemon Law bill covering new and leased PA lemon cars. 1951 Short title.


Learn About Your Rights Under the Pennsylvania Law. Each state is unique with its own set of rules and regulations and The Lemon Law Attorneys can help you navigate your options.


Pennsylvania Lemon Law Pennsylvania's automobile lemon law is designed to protect you from being financially burdened by a dud vehicle. If you suspect you may have been sold a lemon, regardless of whether it was intentional or unintentional, make sure you understand what the law covers before threatening the seller or manufacturer with legal action.


Pennsylvania's lemon laws are codified in the state's aptly named Automobile Lemon Law, which allows a refund or replacement if a new vehicle fails to meet certain operability standards with a year or the first 12,000 miles of use. Lemon Laws in Pennsylvania. The main provisions of Pennsylvania lemon laws are listed below.


Pennsylvania Lemon Law Summary The following is a brief explanation of most relevant provisions of the Pennsylvania lemon law. The complete text of the lemon law can be found at 73 Pa. Cons. Stat ...


Pennsylvania Lemon Law Statute. Title 73, Chapter 28 Trade And Commerce Automobile Lemon Law 1951 Short title. This act shall be known and may be cited as the Automobile Lemon Law.

www.dot.state.pa.us/public/dvspubsforms/BMV/BMV Fact Sheets/fs-lemon.pdf

Lemon Law Protection . PURPOSE . The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide information on Pennsylvania’s Automobile Lemon Law. PROCEDURES . The Pennsylvania Automobile Lemon Law applies to any new vehicle purchased or leased and registered in Pennsylvania or purchased or leased elsewhere and registered for the first time in the ...


Under these consumer protection laws, if your lemon car, truck, or motorcycle has been in the shop repeatedly, or for an extended period of time under your motor vehicle warranty, you could receive a new vehicle, a complete repurchase, or significant compensation. This is a list of summaries for all Automobile Lemon Law statutes across the ...