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Dog owners in Pennsylvania may receive a license for their pets by visiting their county treasurer office in person, by applying online, by mailing in a completed license form complete with fee, or by contacting a local veterinary clinic. As of 2015, Pennsylvania offers both annual and lifetime dog


Getting a hunting license in Pennsylvania requires choosing the correct type of license, completing the application and paying the fee. This can be done online by clicking the Buy a License button when looking at the different types of licenses.


As of 2016, download a free living will form for Pennsylvania from the public living will page of ACBA.org, according to the Allegheny County Bar Association. The bar association and the Allegheny County Medical Society provide the living will and health care power of attorney form, an informative b


As of 2013, fines for hunting without a license in Pennsylvania can range from $400 to $4,000, writes the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The fine amount depends on the number and type of animals killed and the amount of damage, if any, to property.


Business licenses are regulated and issued by the state where the business is located; therefore, a business license can be looked up, searched and found online from the specific state's website. To find a company's or individual's license, search the name of the business from the website of the sta


Where a small business license is obtained depends on the type of business and the business location. Certain business require federal, state and local permits, which are obtained from different entities.


Most city and state websites operate a simple online database where anyone can search for business licenses issued through the respective state or city. The database allows searches by business name or by the owner's full name and address. It also displays the type and status of the license.


Obtain a nursing licence through the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing by completing a qualifying nursing program at an in-state or out-of-state educational institution, submitting a Nursing Education Verification Form within one year of graduation and passing the state's licensing exam. Depending on th


There are two primary ways to fill out the Pennsylvania hunting license application: fill out an application online and print the license or receive the license through the mail, or locate a license issuing agent. The first step to fill out a Pennsylvania hunting license application is to determine


Pennsylvania state tax forms are forms issued by the Department of Revenue for individuals and businesses to file taxes. Pennsylvania state tax forms may include forms for personal income, property tax, inheritance tax, business registration forms and corporation tax forms.