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Penelope tested Odysseus three times in the "Odyssey." With Odysseus disguised as a beggar, she asked him about Odysseus' travels, clothing and personality. In her second test, Penelope retrieved Odysseus' bow, stating she will marry the man who strings it and makes a perfect shot. For her final tes


In Homer's "The Odyssey," Athena helps Odysseus after he escaped from Calypso's island and guides him along his journey. Because Athena is patron goddess of heroes, it is her job to protect Odysseus from danger.


Movies starring Penelope Cruz include "Vanilla Sky," "Captain Corelli's Mandolin," "Volver" and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." Cruz began acting in her native Spain in the 1990s before becoming a Hollywood star.


The Odyssey is the second of two epic poems attributed to the classical Greek poet, Homer. Historical and archaeological evidence supports the theory that Homer wrote the Odyssey sometime near the end of the eighth century B.C. in the ancient Greek coastal region of Anatolia, now a part of Turkey.


Homer likely composed The Odyssey in the eighth century B.C., but some scholars date it to the sixth century B.C. The dates are difficult to determine because scholars are not certain that a poet called Homer truly existed.


In the "Odyssey," Eurycleia is a servant in the household of Odysseus who took care of both him and his son, Telemachus, during their childhood days. During Odysseus' absence, Eurycleia serves the role of the confidant for both Penelope and Telemachus.


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Penelope the Giraffe: Penelope is a giraffe made with K'nex pieces. She has wheels to move around and a best friend named Charlie the Cat. 202 2 Penelope is a giraffe made with K'nex pieces. She has wheels to move around and a best friend named Charlie the Cat. In order to make Penelope, one needs:


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