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A simple and effective way to sharpen a pencil is to use a hand-held pencil sharpener. Insert a pencil into the pencil sharpener. Firmly grasp the pencil sharpener and turn the pencil clockwise until it is sharp enough, periodically checking the pencil's sharpness.


Pencil sharpeners come in a variety of forms made from plastic, wood or metal and feature a cylindrical, interior pocket that is equipped with a filing material or a blade, which is the component used to cut the point of a pencil when turned. The first pencil sharpener ...


A wide variety of pencil sharpeners, both of the electric and manual variety, is suitable for schools. Some of the best brands include X-ACTO, Stanley Bostitch and Ticonderoga.


Sharpen scissors by running the blade against the coarse side of a bench stone before using the fine side of the bench stone or sandpaper to complete the process. You need a bench stone and sandpaper. Most scissors can be sharpened in less than 10 minutes.


To sharpen tweezers, hold a nail file between the blades, and rub the blades over the rough nail file surface. Before starting this task, wash the blades with warm water, and dry them. You need to take care not to cut your hands during the sharpening.


When sharpening a blade, maintain the same angle during the whole process. Try to keep the angle at about 20 degrees to the surface of the blade. Another tip is that high pressure of the blade against the stone does not guarantee better results. A light grip and low, co...


A typical No. 2 pencil is 7.5 inches long with a 6.75-inch wooden shaft. Most No. 2 pencils are made from cedar with a hexagonal shaft. The lead is a mixture of graphite, clay and wax.