Environmental elements, such as excessive humidity, sun exposure, heat and dryness within the air, typically cause peeling skin on the hand, according to Mayo Clinic. Illnesses and disorders, such as staph and fungal inf... More »

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Stores that carry treatments for peeling nails include Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Sally's Beauty Supply, Walmart and Target. Nail treatments are available at these stores in-store or by ordering online. More »

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One cause of the skin on the palms and hands peeling is psoriasis, according to WebMD. Another explanation is Kawasaki Disease, Mayo Clinic states. More »

Relieve peeling skin on the fingertips by washing hands with a mild cleanser, drying the hands by patting down the fingertips gently and applying moisturizer to the hands and fingers, explains WebMD. Use a moisturizer wi... More »

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According to the Mayo Clinic, itchy skin is most often due to minor conditions such as dryness or allergies, however, itching can also be related to serious conditions, including kidney failure or liver disease. With itc... More »

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Causes of chapped lips include exposure to air that has no humidity, such as during winter; repeated exposure to the sun, such as during summer; certain medications, such as chemotherapy drugs and constant licking of lip... More »

Some causes of peeling hands are exposure to irritants, allergic reactions, staph infections, eczema and psoriasis, states Mayo Clinic. The most common cause of peeling hands is excessive exposure to sun, heat and wind. ... More »

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