As of 2016, Howland Pecan Company, Jackson Bros. Feed & Seed and Pecan Tree Partners Midland are among the pecan buyers in Texas. Additional buyers include the Bay Pecan Company in Gatesville and 38 Pecans in Lockhart. S... More »

Generally, pecans are ripe enough to harvest between October and January in the southern half of the United States. However, the exact month depends on the state and the climate. More »

Pecans are the only tree nut native to North America, the pecan tree is the state tree of Texas and the nuts are heart-healthy. Pecan Pie Day is on July 12, but National Pecan Month is in April. More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts

Buy coastal hay in Texas at and North Texas Hay is a family-owned wholesale commercial hay producer that specializes in nutrient-rich forage for horses, such as coastal and Jiggs Berm... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

There are multiple big poultry farms in Texas, with the state ranking sixth in the country for poultry production, according to StateImpact. Examples include Tyson Food, Inc., Daifong Poultry & Farm Inc, Blue Star Ranch,... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Texas leads the United States in production of oil, cattle, sheep, hay, goats and cotton. Other agricultural products include poultry, eggs, milk, wheat, rice and peanuts. In addition to oil, mining resources include sul... More »

Reasons to register a cattle brand in Texas include allowing other cattle ranchers and officials to identify the owner of the cattle, preventing another ranch from registering a brand that is similar to or the same as an... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture