Early to late fall is the pecan harvesting season. This can change depending on the region the pecan trees are grown in and the specific variety of pecan tree. In the U.S., the average harvesting season for pecans is in ... More »

Wood for commercial purposes is usually seasoned using kilns, solar kilns or microwaves. A more conventional method for seasoning is simple air drying. You need a blunt axe and some plastic sheeting for the process. More »

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As of 2016, Howland Pecan Company, Jackson Bros. Feed & Seed and Pecan Tree Partners Midland are among the pecan buyers in Texas. Additional buyers include the Bay Pecan Company in Gatesville and 38 Pecans in Lockhart. S... More »

Bush beans take 50 to 55 days to mature for harvesting, and pole beans take 50 to 60 days to mature, depending on the variety, according to About.com. Pole beans often take slightly longer to mature because the tall vine... More »

A pecan gatherer is a long-handled garden tool with a harvesting attachment that picks pecans up from the ground. A simple pecan gatherer resembles a small wire basket on a broom handle. More »

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Caring for a Moringa tree begins from planting time to the harvesting season. Germination of the Moringa tree is done in the nursery, and it is later transplanted to another field or transplanted directly from cuttings. ... More »

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As of May 2015, eight seasons of "Heartland" have aired, with a ninth season due to return in the fall of 2015. "Heartland" is a family drama series centering on the ups and downs of a Western family. It is produced by t... More »