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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Chinese tariffs and bad weather during harvest season have hurt Arkansas' pecan industry, an academic said. Pecans are the state's top nut. The U.S. produces around 80% ...


Home Garden Pecans In Arkansas. Pecans are native to Arkansas and one of the most desired tree nuts in the world. Growing pecans in the home landscape can be an enjoyable and rewarding garden activity, with the payoff a bountiful supply of nuts in autumn for eating and cooking.


Flying C Ranch is a cattle farm in Conway, AR that produces pasture raised beef! You can purchase your meat today and stop by our pecan orchard in Mayflower, AR known as Clark's Pecan Grove!


Pecan season is on. During the four- to six-week season, Leanna invites anyone with the will and wherewithal to gather and keep pecans “on the halves.” That, she points out, is a better-than-good deal because it means a person keeps half of everything he picks for free, giving the other half to the grove’s owner.


The pecan / p i ˈ k ɑː n / (Carya illinoinensis) is a species of hickory native to northern Mexico and the southern United States in the region of the Mississippi River. The tree is cultivated for its seed in the southern United States, primarily in Georgia, and in Mexico which produces nearly half of the world total. The seed is an edible nut used as a snack and in various recipes, such as ...


The crop’s production over that period made Arkansas the nation’s ninth-biggest pecan maker. A report on Arkansas’ 2018-19 pecan season has not been published yet, said Robert “Crash” Carruthers, owner and operator of Pecan Arkansas, a 160-acre (around 65-hectare) orchard along the Arkansas River bottoms nearby Morrilton.


arkansas pecan growers association, pecans, orchard, magazine, membership. Home Join Events Links Contact Us. Arkansas Pecan Growers Association. Serving the pecan growers of Arkansas ...


Pecan Production in the Home Garden. Dan L. Chapman. Resident Director ­ Fruit Research Station. Arkansas Is ... In all parts of Arkansas,pecan trees are a good choice for the home garden if a large,deciduous shade ... growing season. Pecan trees with large nuts take extra care and


Early to late fall is the pecan harvesting season. This can change depending on the region the pecan trees are grown in and the specific variety of pecan tree. In the U.S., the average harvesting season for pecans is in November. It takes an average of 10 years for pecan trees to begin producing nuts if the trees are grown from a seed.


An academic says Chinese tariffs and bad weather during harvest season have hurt Arkansas' pecan industry. The U.S. produces around 80% of the world's pecans. But China, the biggest foreign ...