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To put a clasp on a leather cord necklace, slip metal coil ends over the leather tips, crimp them in place, fasten jump rings to the coil ends, thread a clasp over one jump ring, and close it with pliers. The supplies you need for this 35-minute procedure are metal coil...


Individuals who wish to sell pearl jewelry at reasonable prices often get the best results by selling through an auction house that specializes in pearl jewelry. Other viable options include selling online through auction websites, selling to specialist dealers or selli...


A deployment clasp is a closing mechanism on a watch that allows the band to be fitted to the wrist. It allows for the band to be made tighter.


An eternity necklace, sometimes called an infinity necklace, is meant to symbolize eternity, everlasting love and empowerment. An eternity necklace contains a lemniscate, a symbol which looks like the number 8 on its side.


Cool necklaces for men featured on the Cool Material website include a bike lock necklace and shark necklace that is used for removing bottle caps. The bike lock necklace, which features an antique finish, is individually crafted in New York. Stainless steel powder and ...


Some of the signs that a necklace is real gold is if it does not float or does not stick to a magnet. Owners can check the markings on a necklace or take it to a jeweler for testing to determine if it is real gold.


A St. Christopher necklace is a chain with a medallion bearing the image of Saint Christopher. He is considered the Patron Saint of Travelers. The necklace is usually worn by Catholics or those seeking protection for trips.