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A payroll ledger is a document used by businesses to track how much the business spends on payroll. This document also tracks how much the company pays in taxes and benefits, such as retirement matching or health insurance premiums.


My Accounting Course and Accounting Tools offer sample templates of bookkeeping ledgers, which summarize a business's accounting transactions, according to the company websites. These templates generate information from journal entries and represent account balances ove...


A sample of a self-employment ledger can be downloaded from the South Dakota website in portable document file (PDF) format. It should be noted that there is no official self-employment form or ledger, and any document that clearly breaks down an individual's income and...


To use an accounting ledger, set up a list of all accounts associated with a business or entity, and then document all associated transactions, explains the Houston Chronicle. Most accounting ledgers contain information related to transaction date, amount, debit balance...


Dictionary.com defines a stock ledger as the capital stock records of a corporation. Stock ledgers are also often referred to as stock books. These records are permanent, and contain the personal information of each stockholder along with details of each share they own.


A general ledger has four columns that contain the date, journal entry, and debit and credit amounts. The ledger records business accounts and transactions that affect these accounts, including asset, liability and equity transactions.


A general ledger is a type of accounting document that includes all of the financial records for a company, often consisting of additional documents to track credits and debits on individual accounts as well as monitor available equity and inventory. The document may ap...