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Dental payment plans are special payment arrangements that make it easier for people to pay for dental care. Instead of paying a large amount all at once, the patient makes installment payments until the balance is paid in full.


Dental implants are necessary to replace missing teeth and are an alternative to a bridge or dentures, according to Mayo Clinic. Dental implants are permanent and are placed into the jawbone of the patient.


The benefits of dental implants include durability, convenience, improved oral health and improved self esteem, according to WebMD. They look, feel and fit like natural teeth, and they do not interfere with speaking, smiling or eating, states the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.


According to 1-800-Dentist, as of 2014, dental implant costs range from $1,000 to $3,000 per implant. While the cost is higher than other treatments, dental implants are considered a permanent solution. Dental implants are rated to be a cosmetic procedure by most insurance companies, so they are not


There is some discomfort associated with dental implants, but most patients report that the pain was less intense than anticipated, explains About.com. Controlling pain during the surgery with oral or intravenous sedation is common, as is the use of local anesthesia.


Dental implant surgery can be painful or uncomfortable, according to Mayo Clinic. There is frequently pain at the implant site, and the gums and face may swell. The gums and surrounding skin may also experience bruising, and there may be minor bleeding.


Free dental implants may be available through college and university programs, local dentists offering low-income programs, and state or county programs offering free dental services, according to Dental Implant Cost Guide. These programs are available upon referral from community services, social w


Infections at implant sites, damage to other teeth or blood vessels, nerve damage and sinus problems are potential risks of dental implant surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Problems during dental implant surgery are rare, and doctors can generally treat them easily.


Dental implants are predominantly made from titanium, a durable material that offers a firm foundation for teeth replacement, states the Academy of Osseointegration. Dental practitioners might use other materials, such as zirconium, to make implants in the future.


The average dental implant treatment lasts three to six months, according to the Dental Implant Center. However, some dental implant procedures allow for the immediate replacement of an extracted tooth while others take over six months if jaw surgery and bone grafting are needed. The majority of thi