Some agencies have a sliding fee scale so that people can adopt special-needs children from the foster care system at little or no cost. The federal government also has funding to help parents pay non-recurring adoption ... More » Family Adoption

People adopt children because of infertility while some simply want to offer a home to a child who needs shelter, love and care. Contrary to common perceptions, both married and unmarried couples can adopt children. More » Family Adoption

Foster parent payments vary state-to-state based on the ages of foster children, the level of care the foster parents provide and the budget set by each state legislature. General care pays less than specialized care, su... More » Family Adoption

Steps to adoption include considering the four types of adoption, namely adopting from the foster care system, adopting from another country, adopting a stepchild and adopting an infant in the United States, according to... More » Family Adoption

AdoptUSKids provides tips and resources on adoption and an extensive database of children in U.S. foster care available for adoption. The website has everything needed to make the journey through foster care and adoption... More » Family Adoption

The Hague Adoption Convention is an international agreement that regulates intercountry adoptions in the United States from other countries that joined the Convention, according to International Adoption Help. The Hague ... More » Family Adoption

Adopting a newborn baby involves approaching and investigating an adoption agency that specializes in such adoptions, such as Hope for Families. This organization specializes in domestic adoptions of newborn babies, and ... More » Family Adoption