As of 2015, the Paula Deen Network offers a free app through iTunes and the Google Play store. Although the app is free, customers must have a paid subscription to the Paula Deen network to access recipes, videos and oth... More » Food Cooking

As of 2015, Paula Deen's website features original, free Paula Deen recipes. No membership is required, and hundreds of recipes are arranged by course, main ingredient or special occasion. Cooking with Paula Deen, the Fo... More » Food Cooking

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The Lots O'Meat and The Lady and Sons recipes are some of Paula Deen's signature lasagna dishes. The former is a version for meat lovers, while the latter relies on several different cheeses for its unique flavor. More » Food Cooking

Some gravy recipes by Paula Deen include the classic milk gravy, a sausage gravy with a bacon twist and a sweet chocolate gravy. Paula Deen's gravy recipes are typically served with hot biscuits. More » Food Cooking

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