Born in 1734 in Boston, Paul Revere grew up to be a gold- and silversmith like his father. Years before he joined the Boston Tea Party and warned of the approach of British soldiers during the Revolutionary War, he atten... More » History Modern History US History

Colonial Paul Revere insurance company offers life insurance products that people can tailor to their individual needs, such as marriage, home buying and starting a family, as its official website explains. As people's l... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Paul Revere's accomplishments range from acting as a silversmith, dentist, artist and soldier, to playing an important role in political leadership, business, and running the first recorded patriot intelligence network. ... More »

Fun facts about Paul Revere include that he used his silversmith skills to practice amateur dentistry, wiring dentures made from animal teeth or walrus tusks into his patients' mouths. According to legend, he made wooden... More » History Modern History US History

Paul Revere, who lived from 1734 to 1818, played a crucial role in the American colonies' fight for independence from the British crown. He is most known for his Midnight Ride on April 18, 1775, where he rode by horse fr... More »

Paul Revere was a goldsmith, engraver, dentist and industrialist. His hardware factory produced bells for churches and cannons for the military, and he opened the first rolled-copper mill in North America. More » History Modern History US History

A colonial American silversmith's life focused on acquiring silver, firing and hammering, and providing quality craftsmanship. Silversmiths, who often called themselves goldsmiths, sometimes had apprentices to help with ... More »