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This brief biography of Paul Revere includes interesting facts, information and events that can be used to explore one of the most well known people in the American Revolutionary War. A portrait of Paul Revere (click to view full-size) Paul Revere was born on January 1, 1735, in Boston, Massachusetts.


Paul Revere facts for kids. Kids Encyclopedia Facts. ... Paul Revere in 1768. Paul Revere (December 1, 1734 - May 10, 1818) was an early United States Patriot and a leader of the American Revolution. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts and worked there as a silversmith. He was married twice and became the father of 16 children.


Paul Revere was a patriot in the American Revolution. He is most famous for his ride and warning to the colonists that the British were coming. Where did Paul grow up? Paul Revere was born in December 1734 in Boston, Massachusetts. His father was a silversmith and Paul would grow up to be a ...


Paul Revere was a famous American patriot who warned of approaching British soldiers and took part in the Boston Tea Party. Learn more at Biography.com.


8 Paul Revere Facts For Kids. navajocodetalkersadmin on December 11, ... Paul Revere is famous for warning the US rebels that the British had landed at the shore and were coming to fight and the story often includes the “British is coming” quote however it is just a legend. While Revere was a part of the team that rode to alert the militia ...


Watch a short video biography of Paul Revere, who is most famous for his midnight, warning the colonists of a British Invasion. #Biography Subscribe for more...


Portrait of Paul Revere, by John Singleton Copley, c. 1768–70 Paul Revere was a silversmith in the time of the American Revolution, and is well remembered for his patriotic actions and involvement in the American Revolution.. 1. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Probably what most people know him for, the famous “Midnight Ride” of Paul Revere, occurred on the night of April 18 or early ...


Paul Revere A Brief Biography. 1734 - In December Paul Revere is born in North End, Boston. He learns reading and writing at the North Writing School. At age 12 he learns silversmithing from his father. He earns extra money ringing the bells at Old North Church. When he is 19 his father dies, and he becomes the family's main supporter.


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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1861 poem about Paul Revere’s ride got many of the facts wrong. For one thing, Revere was not alone on his mission to warn John Hancock, Samuel Adams and other ...