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A few ways to celebrate the wedding anniversary of a pastor and his wife are to have a dinner banquet to honor them, plan a picnic, plant a tree in their names to commemorate the occasion or give a memory book. When planning a banquet celebration for a pastor and his wife, the decorations can includ


For a Golden Anniversary, consider "You are an inspiration to anyone who is looking for an example of commitment" or "I wish you both much happiness and joy as you celebrate these 50 wonderful years together." A simple option is "Heartfelt congratulations on 50 incredible years together!"


Church Pastor Guide and My Pastor are two websites that provide individuals with examples of speeches to give on anniversaries. In addition to speeches, users can visit these websites to get advice on how to give their own speeches in front of a congregation.


Celebcalls.com offers a service that sends pre-recorded phone messages from celebrities for a variety of occasions, including wedding anniversaries. The website has over 42 celebrities from whom to choose.


Some good free poems for a pastor's anniversary are "Silver Memories Lined With Gold" and "Love Remains." Another free poem for a pastor's anniversary is "Pastor's Blessing Prayer," and the poem asks God to bless the pastor with a long life and eternal rewards for his life of service to God.


You can find poems on pastor-centric websites such as My-Pastor.com and Pastor-Gifts.com, as well as poetry websites such as PoetryPoem.com. To celebrate a pastor's anniversary, many members of a church's congregation use poems to express their gratitude for his service.


The Bible contains many passages appropriate for celebrating a pastor's anniversary at his church, including I Timothy 5:17, I Thessalonians 1:2-3 and I Thessalonians 5:12-13. While these verses focus especially on the blessings that pastors are to their congregation, it is also appropriate to read


One good way to pay tribute is hosting an anniversary party in their honor, according to Pastor-Gifts.com. Baking or commissioning a special anniversary cake is another way of adding a special touch to any party. Giving them a crystallized plaque commemorates their service to church members.


A church anniversary welcome speech should be conversational in tone with relevance to the church. As with other speeches, any speech should have three elements: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.


Brief descriptions of major events in your marriage, fond memories of dates or thoughtful reflections about your marriage are good things to put in a marriage anniversary greeting card. A good strategy is to reference personal things, such as an inside joke, that only your spouse will understand.