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Some ideas for a 60th birthday gift for a woman are a photo album or scrapbook, giving a gift to charity or giving her an experience. Other unique ideas are memory envelopes, a gift basket or classes.


Some 60th birthday speeches include Hilary Clinton's 60th birthday speech and the speech posted on enotes.com by user gsenviro. These two speeches used personal achievements to detail the past and set goals for the future.


A key part of wording a 60th birthday invitation is being positive and upbeat, saying something to the effect of "turning 60 isn't that bad, and we are glad," according to Dgreetings.com. Another supportive saying would be something like "sixty and still going strong!" It is important to acknowledge


Some special gift ideas for a 60th birthday include giving experiences, a picture or collection of pictures and donating to a charity on the birthday person's behalf. Another idea is personalizing a gift box.


Ideas for centerpieces for a 60th birthday party include displaying the number 60 decoratively on the table or featuring memorabilia related to the celebrant. Use wood carvings, decorative printouts related to the party theme, a collection of memorable photos, and a bouquet of flowers or candy-fille


Some popular games to play at a 60th birthday party include decade trivia, little known facts, identifying baby photos, funny captions and senior superlatives. These games can help in making the party unforgettable and make everyone laugh and smile.


The best toast for a 60th birthday is complimentary, concise and sincere. A speaker should not go overboard on the old-age jokes, according to Hallmark. Most 60 year olds are mature enough that they are not offended, but they still may not appreciate it.


A collection of framed pictures featuring children and grandchildren makes a thoughtful 60th birthday present for a mother. A fine jewelry piece is also a great gift.


A fun slogan by Woody Allen about turning 60 is, "I recently turned 60. Practically a third of my life is over." An anonymous slogan is, "One good thing about being 60 is you argue less. It’s not so much that you’re nicer, you just can’t hear each other."


One funny joke for a 60th birthday is, "You know you're 60 when the candles on your cake set off the sprinkler system." Another one is, "When you hit 60, your cereal is chosen for the fiber content instead of the toy content."