An autoclave uses pressure and steam to sterilize equipment in a laboratory. The basic parts of an autoclave include a reservoir for the water, a heating element, a drain and a vacuum-pressurized door. Each autoclave mod... More »

Make a bronze casting by creating a clay sculpture, then making a rubber mold for the wax sculpture, followed by a ceramic mold to produce the bronze casting. The whole process can take several days or longer to complete... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

An autoclave is a piece of equipment that is used to sterilize instruments. It uses steam under high pressure to remove any contaminants or bacteria. More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

A combination of vacuuming, steam, baking soda and disinfectant spray can kill most germs and get rid of dust and dirt hiding inside upholstery fabric. In many cases, the first three remedies work well as disinfectant is... More »

It is safe to steam clean Berber carpeting. In fact, to keep Berber carpet in good condition, steam cleaning is recommended every six to 12 months. It is important to ensure the carpeting dries thoroughly after steam cle... More »

A futon mattress may be cleaned using a combination of methods, including a bleach solution for the wood or metal frame, a vacuum, a steam cleaner and baking soda for spot cleaning. It is important not to get the mattres... More »

The cleaner needs to vacuum the floor before steam cleaning. A degreasing agent should be used to clean areas where there is a likelihood of grease buildup, such as kitchens, before steam cleaning. Users should keep chec... More » Home & Garden Cleaning