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Important tips for finding a parrot include ensuring that the bird appears healthy. Younger birds should have clear eyes and healthy skin, and adult parrots should appear active and alert. You can purchase parrots from large chain stores such as Petco or smaller dealers such as Avalon Aviary.


A female parrot is called a hen. For some kinds of parrots, it's difficult to tell one sex from another just by looking at them.


Blood parrot fish, the aquarium fish commonly called parrot fish, should be housed only with mid-sized non-aggressive fish such as tetras, danios, angelfish and catfish. Aggressive species should be avoided because parrot fish cannot compete well for food.


Depending on the species, a parrot can make a variety of sounds, including a screaming squawk, chirps, human words, kissing sounds and nearly any other sound the master mimic hears. Parrots are highly social creatures that screech, whistle and make other noises to get the attention of their owner.


Parrots eat seeds, nuts, vegetables, grains and fruits. However, what parrots eat is also dependent on whether they are in the wild or in captivity. Wild birds largely feed on foods abundant in their habitats.


To adopt a parrot, you must first initiate the adoption process at a bird or animal rescue organization. This usually entails an interview or application process, meeting parrots to decide which one to adopt, paperwork and finally taking the parrot home. Multiple visits may be necessary depending on


Parrots can sometimes be found for adoption at the Petfinder website, or else by contacting local avian veterinarians and animal shelters; however, finding parrots for free is unlikely. Veterinarians and shelters can be located via the Association of Avian Veterinarians and the American Society for


Companion Parrots Re-Homed in Pineville, North Carolina, and Foster Parrots Ltd. in Rockland, Massachusetts, have parrots available for adoption. Potential adopters must fill out an adoption application and meet each organization's adoption criteria.


Several parrots and related species that are capable of talking can be found on the Birds Now website. This website has ads from private owners and aviaries. Many of these birds are young and have not been trained to talk but are of species that are most able to learn.


The average weight of a Senegal parrot is 4.4 ounces, while the average weight for a Congo African Grey is 14 ounces. The weight of a parrot will vary depending on the species as some parrots are much larger than others.