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Teen & Adult Parkour Ages 12+ Teen Parkour • Ages 12 - 16. This exciting new drop-in class offers teens expert instruction in the movements of Parkour, including running, jumping, climbing and other acrobatic movements. Utilizing our spring floors and foam safety pits, instructors create unique challenges throughout the gymnastics facility.


Intro to Parkour for Teens/Adults. Our Intro to Parkour program is perfect for anyone looking to dive into the world of parkour. This 6-class program teaches the fundamentals of parkour, promotes a high level of physical fitness, and emphasizes the relationship between the two.


The Parkour Visions Teen Team welcomes teens ages 14-18 of all skill levels looking to challenge themselves in new ways. This team meets weekly, and promotes a rigorous physical and mental routine focused on nurturing well-rounded athletes and community leaders, while still providing a fun, social training experience.


The youth parkour classes are designed to introduce students to the world of parkour in a fun and disciplined manner! During class times the students will go through a mix of games and drills that will help them to have fun while progressing through the Movement Lab's band system.


Parkour Generations Boston. CLASSES Adults & Teens Kids Private Lessons; ... ADULT & TEEN CLASSES. Interested in more than one class per week, want to take classes in multiple locations, or want to avoid the hassle of registering for each class individually? Check out our monthly membership options to make the registration process fast and easy!


Teen classes are an ongoing, drop in format that can be started at any time. Intro classes teach the basics of parkour, emphasizing skills that promote sustainability, strength and safety. Students will learn techniques including Landings, Rolls, Quadrupedal Movement, Vaults, Cat Leaps, Precision Jumps, Underbars, Tic-Tacs, Wall Runs, and much more.


YOUTH PARKOUR Parkour is the art of movement. It can be summarized as moving through your environment with quickness and efficiency while negotiating any obstacle that may be in your way by jumping, climbing and vaulting. HIGS GYM offers parkour classes for kids and teens.


Our teen parkour classes are designed by certified parkour coaches to safely teach students how to move, flow, and flip as they please. At Sessions Academy of Movement we want you to finally be free to move as you wish! Our parkour classes are action packed and will have you jumping, rolling, and vaulting from day one.


Parkour classes, workshops, and events for all ages and abilities throughout the Greater Boston metropolitan region. CLASSES Adults & Teens Kids Private Lessons EVENTS Calendar Birthday Parties Corporate Events Monthly Off The Wall Jam American Rendezvous (June 21 - 23, 2019) TBA


Parkour classes help participants develop and/or expand these abilities in their everyday movements. Most importantly, MoveFree Academy’s emphasis is on how to safely develop and use these skills to minimize the probability of injury.