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Chapter 3: The Microscope. STUDY. PLAY. The microscope slide rests on the _____ while being viewed. stage. Your lab microscope is "parfocal." What does this mean? A - the specimen is clearly is focus at this depth. B - the slide should be almost in focus when changing to higher magnifications ... Quizlet Live. Quizlet Learn. Diagrams ...


parfocal. once an object has been focused, you can rotate to another one and the image will remain in course focus ... field of view. circle of light you see when looking into a microscope. working distance. space between the objective lens and the slide, decreases when magnification increases. immersion oil. ... Quizlet Live. Quizlet Learn ...


• The microscope may be able to achieve sharp focus on the entire specimen at lower power, but as magnification increases, you will find that only a thin layer of the object will be in sharp focus and the rest will be blurry • This means that as you turn the fine adjustment knobs, you will be focusing on different layers of the specimen,


Biology microscope lab. STUDY. PLAY. what is the type of microscope we use? ... the ability of a microscope to stay in focus as the magnification is either increased or decreased (our microscopes are parfocal) what does resolving power mean? ... Quizlet Live. Quizlet Learn. Diagrams. Flashcards. Mobile. Help. Sign up. Help Center. Honor Code.


Parfocal microscopes maintain focus throughout real-time magnification changes. These microscopes also remain focused when the user rotates objectives. This capability is a function of the lens and is a particularly popular feature on field microscopes. Parfocal lenses also appear on high quality digital cameras.


"Parfocal" is a term that literally means "side-by-side focus." All of the objective lenses in a parfocal microscope have focal points that are all in the same plane. Parfocality is not limited to microscopes; it can also refer to lenses used in telescopes or photography.


Parfocal definition, of or relating to different eyepieces (of telescopes or microscopes) that all focus their images in the same plane, so that they can be interchanged without readjusting the instrument. See more.


Study Exercise 3: The Microscope flashcards taken from the book Human Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory Manual. Sign in. ... WHEN TRANSPORTING THE MICROSCOPE, HOLD IT IN AN UPRIGHT POSITION WITH ONE HAND ON ITS ARM AND THE OTHER SUPPORTING ITS BASE. ... PARFOCAL. 26. IF, WHEN USING A 10X OCULAR AND A 15X OBJECTIVE, THE FIELD SIZE IS 1.5 MM, THE ...