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Parfocal: A microscope that is “parfocal” is one which, if it is in focus with one objective, when the objective is rotated, will remain (mostly) in focus.


Overview. Parcentric and parfocal calibration compensate for the deviations from parfocality (focal plane) and parcentricity (collimation) that are normally ...


A parfocal lens is a lens that stays in focus when magnification/focal length is changed. There is inevitably some amount of focus error, but too small to be ...


The objective lenses of compound microscopes are parfocal. You do not need to ... When you switch to a higher power, the field of view is closes in. You will see ...


The parfocal length is the distance between the specimen plane and the ... quite closely in focus (within a micron or so), as well as centered in the field of view, ...


parfocal. once an object has been focused, you can rotate to another one and the image will remain in course focus. paracentral. the center of the field of view ...


parfocal. the center of the field of view for one objective stays the same when switching to another objective ... Objective are both parfocal and parcentral?


Parfocal definition is - being or having lenses or lens sets (such as eyepieces) with the corresponding focal points all in the same plane.


parfocal: With the lower focal points all in the same plane: said of interchangeable eyepieces, for microscopes or telescopes, so mounted that whichever one is ...


have the same parfocal distance so that when another objective is brought into use the ... Example: Real field of view of 10X lens (ø2.4 eyepiece)=24/10=2.4.