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EAGLE APPLICANT RECOMMENDATION PARENTS or GUARDIANS An Eagle Scout is expected to be a participating citizen in his home, school, church and community. Before approving this Award, we would like to have a frank appraisal in a separate personal letter, from you regarding your son, who has made application to the Buckeye Council,


You, his parents, will also write a letter of recommendation. In your letter of recommendation, you can speak to your son's character, explain what scouting has meant to him, add any insights about why he chose his particular Eagle project, and supply supporting examples for your reference letter points.


The Eagle Scout letter of recommendation is a letter that supports a Life Scout’s candidacy for Eagle Scout, the highest achievement in the Boy Scouting Program of the BSOA (Boy Scouts of America). Under section 2 of the Eagle Scout Rank Application, it states that each applicant seeking to join the ranks of Eagle Scout will be required to choose six (6) references (five (5) if the applicant ...


A Boy Scout must prepare an application form together with personal recommendation letters used as an endorsement letter for the eagle scout rank. Any deserving individuals can create an eagle scout recommendation letter stating why a certain Boy Scout deserves the rank. Eagle Scout Recommendation Request Letter


Eagle Scout Board of Review: It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation for _____, who aspires to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. I have known _____ since he was a Cub Scout, and over the years have watched him grow into a fine young man who is trustworthy, loyal, courteous, and cheerful.


The very word "binder" sounds so homeroom-ish, but the Eagle binder *is* the application. It contains everything needed to advance to the Eagle Board of Review, from resumes and project spreadsheets to letters of recommendation and the all-important approval forms. Here's what needs to go in there.


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Andrew’s Eagle Scout Recommendation Earlier this year I was asked to send a letter to my grandson Andrew’s Boy Scout representative. The purpose of the letter was to discuss why I believed that Andrew was an appropriate candidate for the Eagle Scout award of the Boy Scouts.

www.blackhawkscouting.org/files/d/usr/697/Eagle Scout App 2014 and LOR rev 11-8-15.pdf

LETTER OF EAGLE RECOMMENDATION This letter of recommendation is to be given to the Scout’s principal, teacher, or counselor at his school. If the Scout is homeschooled then his parent who is functioning as a teacher fills this letter out. He should indicate on this letter that he is homeschooled so there is no confusion with the parent letter ...


Our council asks the candidate to send out a form to those from whom he requests a reference. The returned letters go to whomever is coordinating the Eagle package (adv. chair, scoutmaster, anybody but the parent). The Eagle package isn't stopped for lack of letters but we advise our young men to request multiple references from each category.