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A linear equation solver takes a specified number of linear equations and solves them using established methods. Make sure to review what each program/website is capable of solving because each is slightly different.


A simultaneous equation solver is an online tool that provides answers for equations that involve two or more unknown variables. Some solvers show the steps involved as well. The solver may either use the substitution or elimination method to work out an answer.


A differential equation solver is an online tool that aids in the calculation of differential equations. It provides numerical coordinates for the curves of the solution and may have a grapher for the function.


A quadratic equation solver finds the solutions to a quadratic equation of the form y = ax² + bx + c, where a is not equal to 0. It finds the values of x in this equation to make y = 0 when plugging in those values of x.


TutorVista offers an ionic chemical equation product calculator that is capable of outputting any chemical equation solution in its simplest form, assuming that the input equation is valid. This chemical equation solver gives accurate equation results in a completely balanced format when the user gi


A "factor by grouping" solver is a website that factors quadratic equations using the method of factoring by grouping. Rather than solving for the two values of x, factoring the quadratic equation provides a simplified equation.


A limit solver is tool that can determine the limit of a function when a variable approaches a given value. As of August 2014, limit solvers are available online at WolframAlpha, Symbolab and MathPortal.


A square root solver or calculator is a tool that helps one compute the square root of any number. There is a square root solver at Math.com as of 2014, and there is also a square root solver on most calculators. To use a square root calculator, one simply needs to enter a number and hit the square


A 3x3 system of equations solver is a tool that tells the user the values of three variables based on three equations. The user inputs the three equations, chooses which method to use and sees the results.


A linear function solver is software that calculates the answers to linear functional equations. The software prompts users to enter the functional equation into a text box, provide the input value for the function and submit the request. Depending on the complexity of the software, the software may