You can make a paper plane fly far by choosing a design that flies long distances without nosediving. The technique used for launching the plane into air also impacts how fast and far it can fly. You need a piece of pape... More »

Some different ways to fold a paper airplane include the hammerhead airplane method, in which you crease the paper so that the flying tips are at the end of the craft, and the bottlenose airplane method, in which you fol... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Paper Crafts

Make a tricorn hat out of paper by molding packing paper around a bowl for a cap and shaping the edges for the brim. This project takes under an hour. You need a mixing bowl, heavyweight packing paper, masking tape, glue... More »

A paper train requires little more than imagination and common household items: a toilet paper tube, card stock or construction paper, plastic lids, scissors and glue. By first tracing and then cutting out a train patter... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Paper Crafts

Using origami techniques, fold a rectangular piece of newspaper or wrapping paper to make a paper hat. This project can be completed in less than five minutes. More »

In order to stiffen paper, coat both sides of the paper with a fabric stiffening product. Allow the product to dry overnight. More »

Embossing is a fun and easy process used to create raised images or 3-D patterns on paper or other materials. You can emboss a variety of items, including store-bought stationery and cards, or make your own using craft p... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Paper Crafts