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PATIENT PREPARATION/INSTRUCTIONS. 1. The patient should NOT make an appointment for her Pap test during her menstrual period. The preferred time for ...


Sep 17, 2017 ... Cervical cytology, or smear tests, form part of the UK screening programme. ... Step 01. Introduce yourself to the patient and clarify her identity.


Jun 25, 2020 ... Detecting these abnormal cells early with a Pap smear is your first step in halting the possible development of cervical cancer.


Step 3: Fix Pap Smear Sample (except thin prep). Fix sample immediately to prevent air drying; Air drying is common reason for ASCUS Pap Smear ...


Learn about the pap smear, a screening test for cervical cancer that usually is ... the one that applies to you, if your results are positive, determines next steps.


Mar 8, 2017 ... Pap Smear test- Step by Step. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your ...


To take the pap smear, your doctor will insert a long brush or cotton swab into your vagina through the speculum. They'll use this to gently brush your cervix, which ...


HPV typically has no symptoms, making Pap smears an essential step in catching abnormalities early. What should I expect? During your Pap smear, your  ...


Jun 25, 2020 ... A Pap test is an exam that can reveal whether you have cervical cancer. ... accurate Pap smear, doctors recommend taking the following steps, ...


Dec 17, 2019 ... Finding these abnormal cells early is your first step in halting the possible development of cervical cancer. How Often Should I Get a Pap Smear?