Fully grown red pandas are preyed on by clouded leopards and snow leopards, while smaller red panda cubs are hunted by hawks, owls and other birds. The main predators of red pandas are humans, which sometimes still hunt ... More »

Pandas rarely eat anything other than bamboo shoots, stems and leaves. When pandas do eat other foods, less than 1 percent of their diet is composed of other plants and meat. The diet of the panda is almost exclusively v... More »

Jackals and leopards prey on adult pandas, while the yellow-throated marten, a relative of the weasel, sometimes preys on baby pandas. Humans are the greatest panda predators. More »

The giant panda has very few natural predators, thanks to their large size and physical capabilities, but some predators include jackals, leopards and yellow-throated marten, which prey on giant panda cubs. Snow leopards... More »

Pandas have three natural enemies that prey on them: leopards, jackals and the yellow-throated marten. While generally peaceful animals, pandas use their physical strength and natural skills to defend themselves when nec... More »

While red pandas are weaned from nursing and begin eating solid food after 5 or 6 months of life, it will typically stay with its mother for a period of about 8 months, though red panda cubs usually stay close to their m... More »

Rattlesnakes are preyed upon by birds of prey, such as owls, eagles, hawks, ravens, crows and roadrunners, as well as foxes, coyotes, wild cats, badgers, feral pigs, jays, kingfishers, turkeys, shrikes and other snakes. ... More »

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