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Some pallet racking options include floor stacking, drive-in and drive-through pallet racking, and pallet flow racking systems. There is also selective pallet racking and push back pallet racking.


The maximum weight capacity of a standard pallet rack is approximately 5,000 lbs. Although larger pallet racks may differ in terms of weight limitations, they will have a label showing how much each rack can handle.


Common places to find free pallets include businesses that receive shipments on pallets, such as livestock feed stores, furniture stores, hardware stores and bulk shopping clubs. Construction sites often have materials delivered on pallets, but many construction companies do not give away free palle


Old shipping pallets are available online or through local distribution and recycling centers. Those looking to source pallets can ask local businesses whether they can take away unused pallets.


Wholesale pallets are available for sale through websites such as H&J Liquidators and Closeouts, Merchandize Liquidators and All Prime Products. Items found on wholesale pallets include clothing, jewelry, home goods, beauty products, sporting goods and general merchandise.


A pallet specification sheet provides information such as pallet design, dimensions of components and materials used in construction. The pallet specification sheet ensures it is clear what the pallet contains.


Shipping companies and warehouses sometimes have free pallets. Craigslist.org may have listings for free pallets. Animal feed and farm supply stores are another valuable resource.


Use pallets in a garden to create vertical gardens, window boxes, potting benches and compost boxes. Raised garden beds can also be made with the help of pallets.


The number of boxes that fit on a pallet depends on the size of the boxes and how high they are stacked. A standard pallet can fit 60 boxes measuring 12 inches tall, long and wide, stacked 60 inches high.


Wood pellet suppliers often look to buy used pallets, and some even offer pickup services. Mike's Pallets, for example, buys pallets and offers pickup service in the New York City area.